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2. Ways to buy our produce!

NOTE:  In 2014, our first season, we donated over 300lbs of produce to local food pantries.  Our goal each season is to increase that amount.   

1.  Buy a "share".  $750.00 per season, 22 weeks. ​Beginning early Novermber - April.  Exact start/stop dates will depend upon the natural developments in the garden. 

CSA or community supported agriculture is an alternative means of connecting consumers and farmers. Farmers and market gardeners solicit "share-holders" to by a "share" of the harvest from the upcoming season.  This allows the farmer to secure much needed revenue prior to the season, precisely when most expenses are incurred.  CSA shareholders, or members as they are known, pay for an entire season of produce up front.  This early bulk payment allows your farmers to plan for the season, buy seed, equipment, and more.  CSA is a shared risk and reward food system that brings consumers and producers closer together, eliminating costly middle men and keeping food dollars closer to home.  It allows you to make an investment in local sustainable agriculture, your families health, and the community at large.  
Green Earth Community Garden is offering a limited number of shares for sale prior to the season.  Shareholders will receive an assortment of fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs each week of the growing season, approximately 7-12 items to be picked up at your leisure at Cokesbury UMC in Margate, FL.  Harvests begin late October and end in late March.  More specific dates will be provided as produce ripens in the garden.  Do you and your family eat an assortment of veggies?  Do you like to try new fruits, veggies, and herbs?  Do you like to spend time in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes?  If you can say yes to these questions than our CSA share may be right for you.  We grow dozens of varieties from the typical broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, to the more exotic such as diakon radish, arugula, broccoli raab, Chinese cabbage, mustard greens, and so much more.  We will be growing approximately 30-40 different items in the garden this season.  Contact us for a more specific planting list.  Remember...CSA is a shared risk/reward system and sometimes crop failures prevent certain items from making it into the shares.  "Generally speaking, we intend to provide you with AT LEAST an average of $31.50 value worth of produce each week.  Typically we have exceeded that".- Director, Eric

It is important to keep a few things in mind if you are considering buying a share.  First, CSA is not like going to the grocery store where you pick and choose. Members take home a bag of produce that reflects what is ripe and ready, just harvested from the garden.  The benefit of course is that your produce is fresher and tastier than what you would get in the grocery store.  Occasionally, you may get more of a particular item than you can consume during the week.  You may want to freeze, can, share with a neighbor or donate some of these extras to our food pantry.  We'll always try to offer some suggestions when this happens.  For example, we'll never overload you with stuff like lettuce, which can't be stored long term.  But we may give you an extra head or two of broccoli if the harvest permits.  Chop, toss into boiling water for a few minutes, and store frozen in a ziplock bag.  You'll have way better frozen broccoli than you will ever get from the freezer section.  Other items like carrots and potatoes store quite well for months in the fridge.  You may find yourself enjoying the harvest well after the season has ended.  "In our home, we make a lot of soups during garden season.  They store well and are a great way to use up a variety of healthy vegetables" - Bridgett, Assistant Director.   

2.  A-La-Cart Purchases
Typically we have an assortment of produce available above and beyond what is needed for the 'shareholders' and gardeners.  This produce is sold to the general public, through our email contact list via weekly updates, called the 'a-la-cart produce'.  We send out a brief email informing you of what is available for sale/pickup and you can reply with your order.  Payment is due upon receipt, cash or check with pickup at Cokesbury UMC anytime after harvest.  We love it when folks pick up their order while we are in the garden so we can meet, greet, and say hello, but the church staff has been kind enough to allow us to store your order in their fridge and to facilitate the transaction through our dear friend Linda at the desk in the church office at your convenience.  Click the 'contact' link to be kept informed of this opportunity.  
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